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    Solar Panel Leads

    Project Description

    Welcome to our page on solar leads

    Exclusive Solar Leads

    You are an energy or solar panel installation company and have come here looking for solar leads? We can certainly help you grow your business and solar clients through our proven and experienced system we have developed in generating not just the highest quality solar panel leads we can but at very competitive pricing too !
    We know the solar energy sector very well which makes it easier for us to get the correct messages across to your target audience when booking an appointment for any solar energy company .

    How We Generate Our Solar Leads

    Social Media Leads

    Social is our bread and butter, our social team has pumped millions through these platforms and generated over 1,000 solar leads a day across numerous platforms across numerous verticals so it is safe to say we know what we are doing to lead generation on social media.

    AdWords (PPC)

    Google search is at the top of the list when it comes to generating high-quality solar web leads and if we are talking experience our in-house paid search team top the bunch with millions managed in ad spend across numerous verticals and multiple countries.


    When you simply just need more volume where else to go then than some of the worlds biggest publishers to promote your solar offer, we have invested heavily into our native team and brought in some of the best in the industry, and invested heavily into software to assist them in getting the leads you need.

    How we generate your Solar Panel leads?

    We use our data partners to source the most desirable solar leads for those who have expressed their interest into finding out more about solar energy and how it can reduce their energy bills.
    Our Voice team then call through to this data to find out which homeowners have a genuine interest and do actually want to speak to a solar expert that we work with .
    Before passing any renewable energy leads here are just some of the questions we confirm with each prospect:

    • Checking they are a homeowner.
    • Checking their age is not above 70 years of age.
    • Making sure their property is not in a conservation area.
    • No obstructions to the roof area which could prevent having solar panels installed.
    • Checking their electric bill is over £40 per month.
    • Asking them to confirm best call back time / date.
    • Confirming they do still want to speak to the solar expert to find out more about solar panels and how they can help reduce their bills.

    Why our solar leads are different ?

    Every company Is always trying to have that special USP and its no different with Solar leads firms. However, its not easy so what we see as being unique is a few things mixed together:

    • All the solar leads are voice qualified and spoken to on the telephone, so you know first that all telephone numbers are 100% accurate with no risk of invalid numbers or hoax enquiries.
    • We have a dedicated compliance team which purely focus on listening to all the leads specifically for solar to double check there is real genuine interest for speaking to the solar energy companies. Although we have recognised we can never get it right 100% of the time, the team will listen out to make sure the customer has clearly opted in for your call. Humans will be humans meaning you sometimes get the odd one slipping through the net who says yes to interested in solar panels to us , but then when calling they said no. Its bizarre but reality it will always happen inevitably. These solar leads are more rare and we always work hard on your feedback to correct or tweak anything required from the client .
    • We have a bespoke CRM which we developed purely for you (our clients) and this makes the whole flow of delivering all your solar leads in a very smooth process. You get login details to your own secure area within the CRM where you can see all your leads in once place. All solar leads get notified directly into your email with each prospects details clearly formatted in each email, so no need to ever login to the CRM if you prefer not.
    • We work with you to suggest the best possible processes to bring the optimal return possible for your solar company. We keep track of our top converting firms and how they do it which them and ourselves are always happy to pass on the new clients to help them have best possible chances of making our partnership work for the long term.


    We prefer to work on a fixed pricing model weekly whereby we generate as many quality appointments for you as possible. With this model we have found that we can bring you more leads at a lower cost per lead. Drop us an email or fill in the form below to have a chat with us about what we can offer you.

    Things remember about us & about our high quality voice qualified solar leads

    • Dedicated account manager
    • Bespoke CRM login access to view all your leads any time, anywhere .
    • Campaign setup per your preferred geographical requirements
    • Unlimited Leads campaign
    • Fixed weekly pricing
    • No timely contracts

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